Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists


“And the old Greeks said:  live as though all your ancestors were living through you.”  Ted Hughes


Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists


“There must be few things a hot bath won’t cure but I don’t know many of them.” Sylvia Plath

Courage – Daily Therapy


“Only an individual reader can find the truth of a text and only after he has linked that text to his own lived experience.”

“It’s only when you lift your head that you’re really reading.” Roland Barthes

Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

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“If you want more success, you have to be prepared to shrug off more failure.  Creative people do more experiments, they are prolific in failure.”   Madeleine Dore

Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

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We are always in dialogue, not only with other people but everything in the world.  Everything addresses us in a certain sense.  Each of us is uniquely addressed in our particular place in the world.  One can see one’s exterior only through others’ perspectives.” Mikhail Bakhtin