Gift Like an Artist

My Name

This little piece of artwork makes a lovely gift and looks amazing in a frame.  Your friends will not believe it has been done by you!   Would you like to create either your name or your friend’s name as an artwork?  It is easy and fun to do and takes only 30 minutes or so.

All you need is:

  • Some good quality paper (able to take ink and water based mediums)
  • a stick or twig from your back garden or wherever.
  • 2 or 3 rolls of masking tape, 1 wide, narrow and medium widths. ( If you only have once size on hand, tear it up to make smaller pieces.)
  • A bottle of black ink, or you can use another colour for the background if you wish.

You can make your work on a plain white background as above or put in a watery wash as I have done below.  This was done with some sienna coloured ink and lots of water.  Be random with it and put down the strokes arbitrarily.  Once the ink is down, leave it to allow the water to run everywhere and make interesting shapes. One thing, keep it light, mine was a little too dark for my liking here.

1102 019

Next, tape your page every which way and that using all three widths of masking tape.  Allow this to be very random, I usually shut my eyes when I do this.

1102 023

Grab the twig, dip it in the ink and write the name (in this case “Christine”.)  Do not keep dipping the twig into the ink.  Dip in once and keep writing until there is no more ink on the twig. Then dip the twig into the ink and start again.  This is what gives the work a different quality of line throughout.

I did my writing in an upright style but you can use any cursive style you like.  Printing could also work, just try it.  Experimenting is fun and the more you do the greater choice of artwork to give away.

1102 025

1102 028

If you find it difficult to write over the tape, proceed anyway as best as you can.  Be gentle and try not to tear the tape.

1102 029

When the ink is dry (about 30 minutes), peel the masking tape off and voila!  What magic you have.  Make a dummy frame, put it around the work and the magic will continue!

11021 002

Doing this exercise to your favourite music can unlock different scripts depending on the speed and sound of the music…..and the magic continues!

If you like to work in water based mediums check out my post on how to create an easy cityscape after Paul Klee