Paint in Acrylic – Easy Abstract Roses


Here is a very quick exercise in painting abstract roses. You will need around 30 minutes plus drying time for this.

To make the artwork you will need:

  • Acrylic paints in white, red, blue and yellow.  If your budget is limited, you can use any red, blue or yellow you have on hand however, a cool red gives a lovely colour for roses.
  • Flat plastic spatula or palette knife, available at art shops (usually in a multi-pack.)
  • Large brush
  • A canvas in whatever size you like
  • plastic jar for water
  • rags to mop up spills

Here’s how:

  • Paint the primed canvas with a background mixture of white with a small dot of  yellow. This gives a lovely glow to the finished work. Allow to dry.
  • Make up a mixture of red with very small dots of  blue and yellow added.
  • If all this mixing sounds confusing, you can do your own thing with making colours.
  • Paint the canvas with this mixture as an undercoat and allow to dry for at least 1 hour.
  • When completely dry, mix up some white with a very small amount of yellow (this should look almost white) and apply over the red canvas.
  • While still wet, scrape swirls into the canvas using the side of the spatula and turning it to get some different qualities of line. Allow some of the swirls to fall off the edge of the canvas. This will allow the red undercoat to show.
  • Do not fuss or draw back into the swirls. Make your first mark the only one.
  • Allow to dry.

Below is a work done my Naomi Middelmann using the same process.

Go forth, forget about the outcome, enjoy the process and you will make a fine artwork!

Naomi Middelmann


5 thoughts on “Paint in Acrylic – Easy Abstract Roses

    • Hi Patsy, I used acrylics for this work with the roses. It would be a trial and error process with oils. You would have to make sure the red completely dries before you put the white on top and sgraffito into it. Oils probably take two weeks at least to dry. They are not completely dry for 6 months! I hope you enjoy the exercises:)


      • Thank you. I have had a few oil painters say that the “new” oil paints and cleaners are not like they used to be so it should be okay, but I don’t agree according to a great deal I have read about them.


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