Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists


“Now, let’s suppose that there’s someone who repeats a pattern of being unhelpful and sometimes unkind. You can still offer love and compassion either from a distance or by setting boundaries. In any case, know that when someone chooses to act without positive personal regard for you, it’s almost never about you.” Michelle Fondin

7 thoughts on “Courage – Daily Therapy for Artists

  1. This is a beautiful quote. I was saying this to myself all week. That I enable people to controlling my emotions by reacting emotionally to their attempts to change my emotional settings with their caustic words and deeds. I have vowed to never do that again and this quote has come at the right time. Thank you so much for adding this to your drawing. x SB

    • Yes SB it takes a lot of maturity to tell the difference between people who are dealing with their issues through you and those who deal with you as you really are. It is only those who respond to the “real” you, good or bad that help you in the end. I am still trying with this. xo

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