Action Painting – A Straw, Acrylic Paint and a Toothbrush

Straw and watercolour painting Dec 20141611 006

Today’s exercise is a variation on the drip technique and really easy to do. You can probably remember doing this as a kid. I used acrylic paint, a straw and paper to get this effect. You can use watercolor just as successfully.

The idea is to make puddles of paint on your paper and blow patterns into them with a straw.

1611 005

You can add more or less water to your paint in some areas or change colors to get different effects. You can be even more creative by drawing on the paper with a wax candle to create another layer before you drip the paint. I did this on the work above.

It’s fun to allow one colour to dry and then put another on top. There is no end to the variety of compositional ideas for future paintings to come out of this process.

For more on Action Painting see my previous post, “The Painting That Creates Itself.”

Here is a 2 minute YouTube video showing a person creating a drip portrait by using a toothbrush,  enjoy!


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