The Great Man is He Who….

Experiments 003

“The great man is he who does not lose his childlike heart.” Menicus

My quote today is from a wonderful book called “Zen and the Art of Falling in Love” by Brenda Shoshanna.

She goes on to say “The childlike mind is a mind without clutter.  It is not carrying around years of wounds.  The childlike mind is Zen mind: open, free, eager to delight and enjoy. The childlike mind itself is a manifestation of a life of love.”

Children are always looking for the next place or way to have fun.  I think we secretly are too.  We are all “open, free, eager to delight and enjoy”  but sometimes we don’t realize these gems are with us every waking moment.

Go ahead! …Make your own day, be as a child again!

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