How to Participate in a Creative Feedback Group


If you read my last post you would understand why it is important and beneficial to become a member of a creative feedback group.

Here are some tips on how to participate in the group:

  • Have the image placed away from you, it is important not to look at it yet.
  • Make yourself comfortable and completely relax your body starting from your eyes and going down to your toes.
  • Be aware of any tension around the muscles of your eyes and let it go if need be.
  • Focus your energy within then move that energy up to the back of your closed eyelids.
  • Have the painting turned around and open your eyes.  Take a flash look at the image then close your eyes again.
  • Try to see the image in the back of your closed eyelids.  How does it feel?
  • If you can’t remember parts of the image, fill them in even if you think you may have it wrong.
  • Open your eyes and slowly take in the complete image at length.  See how it feels to you, not what you think about it.  What does it remind you of?  How does it feel in your body?  Feelings can be nervousness, excitement or even relaxation.
  • Ask yourself “What is the artist trying to say?” “Am I attracted to some parts more than others?  “Are there parts of the work I find distasteful?  “Should I sit on it and leave my judgment until later?”
  • How does this image feel beneath my feet, soft, spongy, slimy, wet, hard?
  • Are there any sounds or smells I can recognize?
  • Does the image continue beyond the borders in your imagination?

Now you are ready to give feedback.

The group are acting as a mirror back to the artist and their feedback is invaluable.

Do you have the courage to form a committed group to assist your artist friends?  Whichever way, likewise will be returned to you.




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