Willing Participants? – How to Form a Creative Feedback Group

Jul 11 004

Did you know that a small group of willing participants can form a group to assist you greatly in your arts practice? These individuals can assist by way of forming a creative feedback group.

The people do not necessarily have to be artists.  In fact, they can be anyone interested in looking at your art.  The amazing thing is that whoever these people are, the comments about the art are usually not that different.   A group of 3 to 4 is ideal.

On the down side, it takes time, patience and commitment to form an effective feedback group.

Here are some tips for the artist ready to form a creative feedback group:

  • As an artist, it is important for you to know that group members will be expressing their “feelings” about the work, not their ideas, criticisms or opinions.
  • Respect their opinion totally.  Get yourself out of the way by being careful not to only hear what you want to hear in accordance with your notion of your work.  Listen carefully! This takes practice.
  • Seeking approval puts you in a negative position by stifling risk-taking in future work.  Once approval has been given, you may tend to create work that will continue pleasing the group.   Consequently, you may then scale back on experimentation and exploration of new ways of working.
  • Bear in mind that some of the greatest work has been produced by people who are willing to be rejected.  Go ahead, really test them!

My next post will include instructions for the participants of the feedback group.  There is a specific way of viewing the art and you will be surprised to read about this unusual process.


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