Are You The Chosen One? – How to Choose Your Subject

my sketchbook 004

Of course, most of us are constantly filled with inspiration.  And my guess is that ideas continue to dance in your head 24 hours a day even when you are dreaming.  However, as a professional,  there may be times when you are put in the position of selecting a subject to work on.

In today’s post I will leave you with 9 Zen tips on how to select a subject.  These tips are secret artists’ business and are not known to all so this is a rare opportunity to get with the program and produce some great work.  It’s all in the process…..

  • It is always a good idea to tune in to how you are feeling before you start.  The subject you choose will naturally reflect that feeling. 
  • Go ahead with an open mind and no pre-conceived ideas about what you are looking for. 
  • Go out into the landscape and let resonance (a feeling of recognition between the subject and the artist) guide you. 
  • The subject will choose you if you allow it. 
  • Be patient, your presence will be acknowledged when your subject has chosen you. 
  • Eventually, the subject will show subtle ways to reveal itself to you. 
  • It is wise to take your time with commencing your work as subjects reveal different aspects of themselves if you are able to be patient and allow this to unfold. 
  • Be careful not to name your subject or project your pre-conceived ideas on how it should look or be.  If you do this, your perception will close and the subject will not show what else it is. 
  • Be aware that subjects change with time and reveal themselves differently depending on the changing light, atmosphere, temperature, your feelings or perhaps a deepening of your perceptive ability. 

The resonance between you and the subject will rise and fall over time and your intuition will tell you when the resonance is greatest.  This is the best time to create.  It is important to allow the energy to run its course and to grab the chance to express yourself without inhibitions when the time is right.  You can always edit your work later if you wish.

To know if you’re on the right track it helps to ask yourself:

Do I feel a vibrational resonance between the subject and myself?  “Has a bond been created between us?”

This can work just as well with photographs.  It is best to choose a selection of shots showing places you have actually been.  That way, you can tune into your memory of the sounds, smells, tastes and touches of the landscape you are chosen by.

Go forth!  See beyond the obvious and ordinary!


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