How to Show Your Viewer a Glimpse of a Better Life


Sitting down and taking a few minutes to do this exercise before starting your particular creative activity, can result in a new type of focus and direction in your work.  This exercise will help in your practice whether you are an artist, writer, musician, photographer or other creative.

It works best do this exercise once you have a few ideas of your concept and before you have started in your sketchbook.  If you decide your concept does not solve a problem, try thinking of ways you can work the concept into something you see as a problem for your prospective viewer.

For example, as a figurative painter, I am currently working on new ways to express sexuality in visual terms.


  • What main problem do I address in my work?  (This will be something that fills the viewers’ entire existence for a certain time in his life.  It may be love, ambition, sex, how to enjoy life etc.)
  • Does addressing this problem show the viewer a glimpse of the better life he craves?
  • What is the theme to my work, what is my idea of a better life?
  • Does this theme run through the whole piece?
  • Am I happy that the work is clear and harmonious with one single aim?
  • Am I addressing the viewers’ craving for spiritual food, for a bit of an improved life?
  • Am I being true to life’s problems?  If so, how will I show this?
  • How will I find strength through vulnerability?
  • Will I tune in to that voice that encourages me to take risks?
  • How will my work show charisma?

When you have completed your work, ask yourself, “Have I shown him the better life?”  Quite often, this reflection can lead to exploring the theme further.

Now you are ready to go out into the field and choose your subject and I will talk about this next post.


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