How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes Naturally

In this lesson, I will show you a fantastic non-toxic way to clean oil paint brushes.

Bristle brushes are used for oil painting and are rather inexpensive.  Many artists toss the brushes out after a few uses.  However, cleaning the brushes is easy, especially when no chemicals are involved.  Here is the process.

Wipe all excess paint off the brush with a disposable kitchen cloth.

non toxic studio 006

Grind the brush into some newspaper, a paper towel or something disposable.  Make sure you get right down to the base of the bristles to remove as much paint as possible.  Wipe clean with a disposable kitchen cloth.

non toxic studio 004

Stand the brushes in a jar with Eucalyptus Oil over night.  I use a water soluble solution which I obtain very cheaply from the supermarket.

non toxic studio 005

Repeat the above process again, wiping the brush, grinding it into the paper towel and standing in the Eucalyptus Oil over night.

The next day, wash the brushes in hot water using pure soap and voila!… they are like new again.

Tip: If you are in a hurry to use the brushes you can skip the second overnight soak in the Eucalyptus oil if you wish.  However there will still be a small amount of paint in the brushes.


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