How to Live a Life of Zen in a Modern World


Jan 2017

To do the task completely is the way of Zen.

This means to complete each task before moving on to something else.  It is best to move onto the next task when everything is tidied up and put away from the first task.  For example, if you are making a sandwich try to clean up the utensils used to make it and wipe down the bench before you commence eating.  This allows you to focus completely on the next task which is of course eating your lunch.  If you commence your daily studio practice with drawing it is best to tidy away your materials and prepare for your next task which may be painting, researching, taking photos or whatever.

If you are cleaning the car it is best to put the cleaning products and vacuum cleaner away before you even think about the next task.

If for some reason you cannot complete the task and must move on to something else, clean up the unfinished task ready to tackle it another time.

This all seemed common sense to me but when I examined my life, I realized I had been jumping from one task to another at times.  When I looked around my house, I was very surprised to see so many half-done tasks!

Leaving time between tasks allows you to take a little longer with some jobs if you need to.  This way, your day remains stress free without worrying about running out of time for the next task.

I have been doing this for the last few weeks and it is not at all easy.  However, I am now starting to see how organized and stress free my life at home has become.  Amazingly, this is helping me to become more relaxed and open to insights and new ideas.


Did you leave any tasks undone today?

What prevented you from completing these tasks?

Do you think your day would have been more productive had you completed those tasks?

How was the experience of completing the tasks for you?

How did you feel at the end of the day?  Was the day productive for you?  Did you feel satisfied with your progress?

Have your routines changed for the better?

List your completed tasks for the day.

How do you feel about your progress?


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