How to Live a Life of Zen in a Modern World


Today I will try to encourage you to catch yourself when you are rushing.  Rushing tasks is stressful and actually takes longer.  How many times have you knocked things over, lost keys or tripped yourself up in some way when you have been stressed from rushing.   Mundane tasks such as housework, laundry and meal preparation are best not done in a rushed and stressed state of mind.  These tasks are not actually boring; they are the meditative time we all need.

Instead, take your time and move slowly.

Actions are best performed deliberately rather than rushed and random.  This takes practice because we have become conditioned to rushing and doing tasks by the clock. The key is to allow yourself enough time between tasks so you can relax in the process of life.

Why you ask? Slow and deliberate helps us stay present and remain focused on the task.   This again, leaves space for our minds to rest and enable lateral thinking – a huge bonus to every creative and non-creative person alike.


Did you rush with any of your tasks today? (This includes, driving, walking, cleaning your teeth, getting dressed, eating meals etc.)

What was the reason you were compelled to rush?

How did you feel when you completed your rushed task?

Were you deliberate with your actions?  Did you concentrate on the tasks at hand or did you think of what you will be doing later or what you did before?

Can you imagine how life would be if you were relaxed when completing tasks?

How can you manage this?


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