How to Read a Mandala

My Mandalamandala_mosaic

In this post I will show you how to easily read your mandala.  There are many tutorials online showing how to create a mandala with a template.  I prefer to draw from my heart to give a mandala that shows a true reflection of me at the time.  Here goes….

My magic circle a on the left and on the right a mosaic of mandalas done by children.  How amazing they are!  Please read my previous post titled  Tutorial 5 “What is Magic About a Circle” to find out how to prepare a magic circle.

Every piece of art you make is a portrait of your soul; in fact, all art is actually a mandala.

As you will read below, your “magic circle” can be read through the story of the image, focus, composition, value, colour and texture.  The colours are also an invaluable guide to the mandalas message, for example:

  • Red indicates groundedness, passion and vitality
  • Orange denotes creativity, personal power, emotions
  • Yellow indicates consciousness and awareness
  • Green indicates growth, nurturing, opening
  • Violet is your intuitive wisdom
  • Blue shows expression and willpower
  • White is light, completion and oneness

I will describe as follows how I read my own magic circle by looking at the image.  My own answers are in italics.

  • Story – What is your first impression, does it suggest something? I see swirling thoughts and something moving forward.
  • Focus – Is there one?  Is it clear?  The focus seems to be in the centre of the circle.  There are no definite forms.
  • Composition – Are there strong lines in one direction such as diagonals, verticals or horizontals?  Are there any shapes present?  I see curvo-linear shapes suggesting peacefulness and harmony.
  • Values – Are the colours dark or light?  Are there a range of different tones?   There are different tones throughout the piece, some lights, some darks and some mid tones.
  • Colour – Are the main colours warm or cool?  Are only two colours used?  Are the colours similar to each other?   Perhaps they are opposites on the colour wheel (complimentary) or primary colours only.  There are warm colours in the circle, red indicating groundedness, passion and vitality.  The yellow indicates consciousness and awareness.  The circle seems to be coming forward from expression and willpower (Blue).
  • Texture – What kinds of marks have been made?  Are they deliberate or even?  Is there a change in stroke anywhere?  There are no changes of stroke, one line only indicating continuity and flow.

Interpretation of my mandala:

Within the circle my passion, creativity, emotions and personal power are displayed.  These are indicated by the colours yellow, red and orange.  I am conscious of them in a passive way according to the composition (peacefulness and harmony – keep the peace at all costs), texture (continuity and flow of line – no bucking the system here) and focus (no definite forms – easy come, easy go.)

I have become more aware (yellow) of my passivity lately and, by using my willpower (blue) have expressed my passion, creativity, emotions and personal power (red, yellow, orange.)     They are coming forward showing expression (blue.)

I actually expressed myself in a relationship in a most vulnerable way recently, something I have not done before.  I allowed myself to be seen in all my complexities and contradictions.  This was a turning point in my life.   My mandala was so accurate!

Childrens’ mandala mosaic photo courtesy of


3 thoughts on “How to Read a Mandala

  1. Hello,
    Long back you left this link on my Mandala post and here I am again, slightly disillusioned with life. Can you interpret a mandala for me if I mail it to you? I am unable to.


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