More freedom, creativity and spontaneity?

Jessica Le Rock

You have been inspired, have completed your pencil and watercolor studies and have decided on your support, materials and colors   It is helpful and essential for you to intend that everything about this piece will work and you will be over the moon with the end result.

And that is where you need to stop right there!

It requires confidence to believe in yourself to the extent that you release all attachment to this imagined outcome.  Why you ask?

Attachment to the outcome smacks of fear and insecurity.  When you are attached and trying to control everything, your concept gets locked into your rigid mindset and you lose freedom, creativity and spontaneity.

To be uncertain provides a fertile space for pure creativity. When you are attached to the outcome, you are attached to something you have known before and there is no evolution in that, only stagnation.  The unknown is a place of countless possibilities.  Without this lovely unknown space, life is just a series of old repetitive stale memories. And, as a true artist, don’t you want to create something intelligent and unorthodox that nobody has seen before?

With this lovely Zen practice you will be in no man’s land for a while when the momentum of your old controlling thoughts stops and uncertainty begins.  You are, in effect, concentrating purely on the work in the present moment, the past and future do not exist.  You are bravely and confidently being mindful and stepping into the unknown.

Leave your controlling mind at the door, and then you will find magic.


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